Dear readers,

For starters I would like to introduce myself. …err

Hi! My name is Michelle, but you can call me Mica.

I love writing songs, but really… I am crap at writing blogs (you may find yourself more interested in the pictures and videos)

Now… Here’s the thing. I am a musician travelling on a bicycle from Thailand to New Zealand and then across Australia – with a little guitar, my lovely boyfriend Tobias Heimhalt and Plov Lachmann (the one and only teddy bear!). Tobi started a long bicycle journey in 2010 to raise funds for clean water in Africa. I am now joining him on this beautiful journey.

I’m no big name in the music industry.

I only have a bit over 100 followers on Twitter, and most of the 500 (and something) contacts on Facebook are people who seldom call me on my personal number.

I also don’t have my own paparazzi – so… surprise! surprise! -you will not get many sexy shoots of my Brazilian curves circulating on your daily newspaper on your way to work!

That actually leads me to the next thing about me – I am Brazilian and somewhat Italian (ok… ok… my great great great great great great […] grandfather was Italian).

I wouldn’t call myself a writer (nor a real Italian). But here I am.

I am a Brazilian (somewhat Italian), singer songwriter, full time cyclist at the moment, who is absolutely passionate about outdoors expeditions. All combined with photography and painting (somehow).

I guess you are asking yourself that question… “come on girl, so what are you on about?”

And, quite honestly, I would be asking the same question if I were reading this, because somehow my writing goes round in circles… (haha you should try having a conversation with me!)

The point is, I am fortunate to be going into such beautiful journey and every single bone in my body tells me to share this experience (some people listen to their hearts… well apparently I listen to my bones :- s )

I hope to fulfil the mission of translating every place into pictures.

I hope I won’t bore you much with my super writing skills, but whenever that gets over the top, then I shall come up with a song to clean a bit my reputation!

My best regards to all of you who take the time to surf my page,



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